How To Navigate Medication Options

by Levi Stone Until a cure is found for Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis (UC), navigating through a variety of medications is part of nearly every Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) patient’s experience in trying to achieve or maintain remission and improving quality of life. However, whether you’re newly diagnosed or have battled IBD for years, finding the right medication regimen can seem as exhausting as the diseases themselves. This often means trying different categories or combinations of medications, which can be as much trial-and-error as it is a waiting game to achieve desired results. While it certainly tests one’s will and patience, it’s those two things that will help see you throu

Jake Diekman Pledges $100 per Strikeout

Jake Diekman announced his pledge to support the Gut It Out ® Foundation, the organization he founded to strengthen relationships and resources within the inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) community. Diekman has pledged $100 for every strikeout he earns this season. Fans can join him in improving the quality of life for the estimated 1.6 million IBD patients in America by donating to the campaign or launching their own fundraiser for the chance to win a VIP experience with Jake at Proceeds from the campaign will go towards the Gut It Out Foundation’s grant program, which awards institutions and organizations to improve research, education or quality of life for IBD

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