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gut it out for equality

The inequalities in our country today are affecting countless areas of our society. Access to healthcare is one of the most urgent equality gaps that needs to be addressed and improved. As a professional athlete, I have had access to the top treatment in the U.S., and it breaks my heart to know that some of the most at-risk and in need IBD patients are not able to access the treatment they need and deserve.

That is why Gut It Out is committed to funding a grant benefitting Stanford Medicine through the Maternal and Child Health Research Institute to research Structural Racism, Social Injustice and Health Disparities within IBD. I have personally pledged $100 for every strikeout I throw this season. I invite you to join me in funding crucial research to identify where and why these health inequalities exist, and help improve the health of IBD patients in diverse communities across our nation.

- Jake Diekman, 


new gut it out merchandise coming soon!

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