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Research Grants

Our ultimate goal is to find a cure for IBD. The Gut It Out Foundation’s research grant program is committed to furthering the IBD research efforts of top organizations and institutions.


Education Grants

The Gut It Out Foundation’s education grants program provides support to non-profit organizations with a focus on providing IBD education, resources and awareness.

Educational Materials 

The Gut It Out Foundation is investing in the creation of educational materials to distribute across the country among organizations, hospitals and other IBD-affiliated institutions. 


The Gut It Out Foundation’s pediatric IBD initiatives seek to provide critical resources to young patients living with Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis.

Pediatric Grants
The Gut It Out Foundation's Pediatric grant program aims to improve or implement pediatric IBD centers at institutions across the country.

















Traveling Support Groups 

The Gut It Out Foundation’s Traveling Support Group program seeks to provide inspiration to pediatric IBD patients and strengthen relationships with IBD organizations across the country. Jake Diekman hosts a group of pediatric IBD patients and their families at various ball parks. The group, selected from a local IBD organization, is treated to an in-depth meet and greet pre-game with Jake and enjoys complimentary tickets to the ballgame. Jake and the Gut It Out Foundation plan to have held a 'support group' at all 30 ballparks within the next three years.

Gut It Out Gaming
The Gut It Out Gaming program aims to support hospitals’ child life departments to improve patient experiences through donations of ‘distraction items’ that minimize stress.


The #GutItOut community started online through social media. We strive to maintain our platforms to provide content that connects, educates and inspires our community. Our current online initiatives include: 

  • Gut It Out Blog: Every month, the website will post a Blog on a different topic written by an IBD patient.

  • ‘Talk It Out’ with Gut It Out: Every week, we post  an IBD-related question sent by someone in the IBD community, across social media. This creates an open dialogue within our community to talk about the good and the bad of IBD.  

  • Support Group Highlight: Follow our Founder, Jake Diekman, as he travels across the country during the MLB season to learn about support groups and resources in the cities he visits.

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