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Jake Diekman Pledges $100 per Strikeout

Jake Diekman announced his pledge to support the Gut It Out ® Foundation, the organization he founded to strengthen relationships and resources within the inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) community. Diekman has pledged $100 for every strikeout he earns this season. Fans can join him in improving the quality of life for the estimated 1.6 million IBD patients in America by donating to the campaign or launching their own fundraiser for the chance to win a VIP experience with Jake at

Proceeds from the campaign will go towards the Gut It Out Foundation’s grant program, which awards institutions and organizations to improve research, education or quality of life for IBD patients.

“I’m so excited to launch a Pledge It campaign again this season,” said Diekman. “I hope fans will consider becoming a Gut It Out Ambassador and start a fundraiser in their communities. Ultimately, we want the Gut It Out Foundation to be a platform for people to raise awareness and talk about the good and the bad of living with IBD.”

Diekman was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at the age of 10 and was fortunate enough to live most of his teenage years without major symptoms. During the 2014 MLB offseason Jake's ulcerative colitis flared up and caused him to lose 20 pounds in just over two weeks. During this experience, Jake came up with his personal mantra, ‘Gut It Out.’ He's used this phrase to persevere through the obstacles his health presented and to put into perspective that someone out there has it worse.

In 2017, Jake underwent three operations at Mayo Clinic for a surgery commonly referred to as "j-pouch" surgery. Few professional athletes have dealt with a similar surgery; the most notable athlete case is former San Diego Chargers kicker Rolf Benirschke in 1979. Jake’s personal mantra ‘Gut It Out’ was never more relevant than it was during his recovery process, as he persevered through his physical symptoms and mental anguish to return to the mound. Upon his return to the mound, Diekman founded the Gut It Out Foundation in September 2017 with his wife and caretaker, Amanda.

For more information on the Gut It Out Foundation, please visit

About the Gut It Out Foundation

The Gut It Out Foundation aims to connect patients and caregivers through education and inspiration in order to strengthen relationships and resources within the IBD community. The Gut It Out Foundation is a nonprofit public benefit corporation operating through a fiscal sponsorship with Players’ Philanthropy Fund (Federal Tax ID: 27-6601178), a Maryland charitable trust recognized by the IRS with federal tax-exempt status as a public charity under Section 501(c)(3).

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